Our concern for the environment is emphasized by participation in the REDCert EU sustainable development system.

Our company is specialized in the recycling of cooking oils. We buy used cooking oil from the restaurants and companies from the food processing industry and prepare it for processing into biofuels.

We systematically develop our network of used cooking oils collection and belong to the leaders in this field in south-eastern Poland. Our warehouse allows us to handle over 1000 tons of used cooking oil per month. This means that we relieve the environment from 1000 tons of waste every month!

Who are we and what does Chemwar do?

Chemwar is created by people associated with the chemical and oil industries for years. The experience of our staff influences the quality of our work and the safety of the natural environment. Engineering solutions related to the storage of waste, such as used cooking oil, are created directly in our company. We are the authors of the technologies used by our waste collection and storage installation, and we can constantly improve and expand its operation, systematically increasing the number of fatty waste recovered from the environment.

We conduct our business based on the necessary permits and environmental decisions issued by appropriate authorities and institutions in our country. We are also a participant in the REDCert EU sustainable development system with the certificate number EU-REDCert-556-20080446.

What is UCO?

UCO (English Used Cooking Oil) is a mixture of used cooking fats that are no longer fit for consumption. Vegetable oils change their chemical properties during the thermal processing of dishes. The fats are oxidized and hydrolyzed, the oil’s smoke point is lowered and its density and color change. Oxygen and water contained in food mainly affect short- and medium-chain fatty acids, which is of particular importance for the quality of frying and the taste of food. However, long-term exposure of fats to high temperatures leads to chemical reactions that result in the formation of trans isomers, fatty acid polymers and acrolein, which are harmful to health and penetrate into the food during frying. The used cooking oil must therefore be removed from the kitchen.

However, such waste can be managed to the benefit of the natural environment. Properly prepared used cooking oil can be an excellent component for the production of biofuels. UCO biodiesel has 90% lower carbon dioxide emissions compared to fossil fuels, and kitchen waste does not end up in the environment and does not pollute the soil and groundwater!

We are able to handle 12000 tons of uco annually
Tons less waste in the environment per month
gastronomic points within the operating range
Satisfaction of all customers using our services
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The process of buying UCO

You have a restaurant? Or maybe a bakery? You have a food processing plant?

If you use vegetable oil in your food preparation, you are also generating waste in the form of used cooking oil by doing your job. Such waste poses a threat to the ecosystem, in particular to groundwater and soil. In accordance with applicable law, it must be properly managed.


  • we’ll buy used cooking oil from you
  • we will collect the waste with our own car directly from your company
  • we will take care of all the formalities related to the waste transfer card
  • together we will do something good for the environment
  • you will be able to focus on running your business and leave the bureaucracy with waste to us
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